Few Words about Anders

Few words about Anders Weberg…

Anders is a brilliant artist with a unique expression. I´ve always seen a close connection between his work and mine and I´m very happy to have the pleasure to work together with him.

Martin Juhls (Marsen Jules), composer, musician



Anders is a renaissance artist. He mixes high and low projects always with such high quality.

Håkan Lidbo, composer, musician.


Anders Weberg

Becoming imperceptible is Life. “without cessation or condition”…
Gilles Deleuze. The Greatest Irish Film (Beckett’s “Film”). Essays: Critical and Clinical

DUALISM – a body was tied to the wheel and drugged endlessly under the water animated by the wheel rotation. The film, one minute loop, could go forever as every loop was bringing new elements on the screen or deducting elements which may be where obviously visible, but later dissolved in the water. DUALISM was our first encounter with Anders Weberg’s world.

NOTHINGNESS (Three) – an empty room and falling snowflakes – postapocalyptic endless feel – like a film which is going forever in the ruins of an abandoned city with a slight hope that someone is still wondering in the ruins.

AMBIANCÉ, 720 hours long film, seams like a natural progression of all previous works in creating an impossible, imperceptible architecture – an impossible, imperceptible space and time not only of the film but also for the film screening: a dream one can hack into on the journey from Earth to Mars.

© Ivanov + Chan (2014) – Turbulences Vidéo #84




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