Art as a sign of a new ethic!

By José Man Lius.

separationJosé Man Lius (from Latin: Join) is an interdisciplinary video artist based in Paris who works on hybridization and the relation to moving images in space to create perceptive and immersive experiences. His diversified work adopts forms that decompartmentalize Art and its relation to life.

“The superposition of cultural mixtures” of his origins (West Indies: Afro-Indo-European) and the influence of the theories on “mixed-race thought” by the historian Serge Grusinsky led José Man Lius to question the body, the flow of images, and the process of metamorphosis according to a protocol that reveals a paradoxical vision.

Signaléthique: sign of a new ethic (2003). Self-portraits (2008), Absence of man’s command of his environment (2010), Fountain man (2011), Blue Man (2012) create the signs of a “contemporary mythology” that takes into account the interaction between Art, new technologies, scientific revolutions, impact with Resonance (Nassim Haramein, astrophysicist) and ancestral immaterial knowledge.

In this quest for quantum meaning, José Man Lius puts the perception of depth and extension of the body to the test in environments with new experiments in a given context.

Intrusion (2012), shows the subaquatic and toxic beauty of plastic particles that float in the ocean.

José Man Lius invites the public to rediscover reality, focusing on the infinitely big to the infinitely small, on the confrontation with space-time, on forces of nature, to nano-technologies.

Bio Vs Ogm (2013-14) questions the world perceived through our body and the invasive osmosis in nature with the help of scarification and taxidermy. The living organism becomes a print-drawing-sculpture, testimony of genetic manipulation, of standardization, and of new consumption patterns.

The notion of creation evolves little by little towards the predominance of the project and the functioning of the film author-director-producer who tends to free himself from the context.

At the festival VIDEOFORMES 2015, José Man Lius will unveil the first part of an immersive work entitled Lux Vox Corpore (Light Voices Bodies). An interdisciplinary evolutive video project that is interactive – lyrical – architectural. The interest of this project is to allow the public to participate in the experience of climate change by becoming part of the work.

Immersion: multi-track video projection – a maze of hanging mobile mirrors that refract the moving image – Tragedy – Lyrical opera – Murmuring of stranger who move around the space – Bodies in movement – Performance of choreographers. It’s also a new interactive experience in which the body of the spectator becomes part of the work.

The content of the work inspired by the “hours” of Greek mythology interprets in a “poetic way the cycle of seasons”. “Lux Voce Corpore” is a protean work in which processes never stop mixing, intersecting, and complementing one another. Thanks to this process, the artist denounces human activity that threatens the balance of nature by taking us towards an awareness of the mutations of society, hyper-consumerism or even globalization.

© José Man Lius, 2015 – Turbulences Vidéo #87


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