VESSELS by Gregrory Robin & Annabelle Playe (English)

By Gregory Robin & Annabelle Playe

separation« Vessels » is a collaboration between Gregory Robin (filmmaker) and Annabelle Playe (musician, singer, and visual artist) on a set in which their respective disciplines intersect

The vessel is what transports, but it is also the body and what moves inside us, such as blood vessels.

“Vessels” propose a poetic area at the center of movement through a dynamic relationship between images, music, and voices. The voices are vehicles for a voyage that is internal, geographical, and sidereal.

It is a round trip between what moves around inside us and what carries us further, questioning our view of what is around us, and the way in which we position ourselves in our physical and intimate geographies.

The images, essentially made up of seascapes filmed on the Opal Coast, are systematically inverted during editing, blurring the view that we have of what is around us. They are filmed by Gregory Robin in a classical manner, then taken apart and reworked like the sound composition in collaboration with Annabelle Playe, who brings her musical ear and her sensibility for visual art: repetition of a pattern, developments, breaks and continuity, variations, stretching, nuances. The dynamic editing of the images interacts with the music in a contrapuntal, harmonic, or dissonant way.

The music, starting from a system that mixes analogic synthesizers, filters, and computers, alternates between electronic and electroacoustic. Sounds from different sources are processed and mixed in with analogic sounds.

“Vessels” is a journey toward the informal, the unadorned light of images calling upon us to listen, and bringing us back immediately at the end of the voyage.

© Gregory Robin & Annabelle Playe, 2015 – Turbulences Vidéo #87


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